ldapimage-2Mariah Casmey

Mariah is a rising junior Environmental Studies major at Carleton College. Ever since elementary school, she has had a passion for environmental issues and has cared deeply for the planet. Growing up in Minnesota, she had had much exposure to farming, but now wants to get more involved in it. After participating in a spring break trip to Round River Farm in Finland MN, she has become interested in the effect of agricultural systems on both the ecosystem and human
systems. She is interested in learning more about the variety of agricultural systems that exist in her home of Minnesota and the more nuanced issues within the food system and different approaches to making them more socially and ecologically sustainable.



Rose Delle Fave

Rose Delle Fave is a rising sophomore at Carleton College interested in political science and French. She first become involved in agriculture through volunteering on the Carleton Farm. While participating in a youth council program during high school, Rose learned about issues related to food justice in the context of her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. She is interested in developing a better understanding of the food system and how we can make change that will provide access to more healthy and affordable food for all.



JonErik Ickler

JonErik is a member of the Carleton class of 2021. He is a prospective History and French major from St. Paul, Minnesota. This is JonErik’s first direct experience working in agriculture; he was drawn to the program by a desire to understand the various people, systems and technologies that makeup Minnesota agriculture. He looks forward to developing a greater understanding of farms at both the personal and systemic levels, and is particularly interested
in what drives individuals to work in agriculture and with state-level policy related to agriculture.



Grace Leuchtenberger

Grace is a rising sophomore at Carleton and plans on majoring in biology. Ever since she went to farm camp with her school as a sixth grader, she’s fallen in love with farming and become increasingly fascinated with learning about good farming practices. She’s particularly interested in how agricultural practices can be improved by using an ecological/biological perspective and learning how small-scale farming can be made viable in the modern agricultural economy. Grace has worked as a counselor at her old farm camp, educating youngsters on farming and helping to run the farm itself. She’s excited to expand her knowledge this summer with YFSS.



Rina Tanaka

My name is Rina Tanaka, and I’m a rising junior at Carleton. I’m a physics major, but am secretly more interested in sustainable agriculture and food. I’m from Chiba, Japan. I am still trying to understand how growing up in Japan has made me who I am (or has it?) I enjoy running, walking, swimming, drawing (dead leaves specifically), and reading books when I have time. I’m excited about talking with the farmers, challenging my current ideas around sustainable agriculture, and in general learning new things through the HoH program!