Chris Anisowicz:

16640705_1832907210068867_8767635053495108075_nChris is a Senior American Studies Major at Carleton College.  He is new to the field of agriculture and has relatively minimal experience thus far, but he is planning on building up his resume in the years to come.  His interests include self-sufficient farming and living practices, as well as the intersection between technology and agriculture/energy.  Chris is especially interested in the lowering costs of solar and wind power and how these new technologies might make self-sufficient farming more feasible for middle and lower-class families.


Marcus Irrthum:

ldapimageMarcus is a rising senior economics major at Carleton College. Marcus lived and grew up on a dairy farm in Wanamingo, MN in Goodhue County and has held jobs as a farm assistant at a few different farms in the Rice and Goodhue County areas. After Carleton, Marcus is contemplating starting farming, traveling for fellowships, higher education with the end goal being running his own regenerative farms in the future. In the Heart of the Heartland program Marcus is looking to increase his understanding of the many different types of farming and their inner-workings in the food system in order to implement desired practices into his farm and in the community.


Sophia Jenkins:


Sophia Jenkins is a rising senior psychology major at Carleton College. She is from New York City, but has been interested in farming from a young age. Sophia has volunteered at vegetable and dairy farms in New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. She has also worked to educate students in NYC about food systems, and improve the accessibility of local produce. At Carleton, Sophia is one of the program directors of Eat the Lawn, Carleton’s student run garden.  She is excited about this program because it will expand her knowledge of food systems and expose her to a wide variety of agricultural practices.


Jared Kannel:

ldapimage-1Jared is a rising sophomore at Carleton College. Growing up in riral Massachusetts, he was surrounded by farms that functioned no only as food suppliers, but social and cultural centers as well. Jared is interested in learning about how farms can differ in their production, as well as the work and decision making that goes on between planting and harvest times.


Long Tran:

Long is a rising junior majoring in Environmental Studies at Macalester College. Growing up in a small rural farm, Long had developed sense of appreciation for where food comes. However, the experience of growing up in in a small farm had also made Long realize of the struggles of small farmers trying to make a living while many farms are becoming bigger and more industrialized. By participating in the Heart of the Heartland program, Long hopes to learn more about the different experiences of farmers in Minnesota and how each of these farmers contributes to the food system today.


Alexis Valeriano:

Alexis is a rising Junior at St. Olaf College and is a Political Science Major. Alexis’s grandparents were all farmers and he grew up for the first few years of his life watching relatives fulfill tasks such as irrigating cucumber and watermelon fields and milking cows by hands. Alexis’s love of food and interest of how it got to his kitchen is one of the reasons why this program seemed like a good idea. He is excited to learn more about food systems and engage with local farmers in person.