Robert Harris IIIimage02

Co-founder (

Robert graduated from Carleton College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies, but first began discussing the core ideas and principles of the Heart of the Heartland with Sarah (below) as a sophomore. Robert has conducted ecological research at Carleton College, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and Kansas State University with the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. Robert’s research interests lay at the intersection of technology and landscape level research. Robert’s interest in agriculture developed from his fascination with landscapes and how they are shaped. Agriculture is the largest driver of change in landscapes, not only the physical landscape but also the political, economic, and cultural landscape. Robert believes that an intimate relationship with the local agricultural environment is essential: attending college in the heart of the heartland should be adequately acknowledged and integral part of student’s lives. Robert currently also works with HECUA as a Program Representative in the Twin Cities.


image01Sarah Goldman

Co-founder, Co-director of the 2018 Summer Program (

Sarah graduated from Carleton College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies, but began talking about the core issues of Heart of the Heartland with Robert (above) in her sophomore year. Sarah’s passion for agriculture developed after working on a variety of different farms across North America (from Missouri, Maine and Minnesota, to Connecticut, New Hampshire and Prince Edward Island).   These experiences have informed Sarah’s education and she hopes to help other students realize how to utilize their local agricultural environment as a venue to enhance their education. Minnesota is the heart of the heartland, and students have so much to learn from this rich agricultural heritage. Sarah currently is working as an Emerson National Hunger Fellow in Arkansas, followed by Washington D.C.


Jenni Roganjenni-hoh-pic

Co-director for the 2018 Summer Program

Jenni is a senior, biology major at Carleton College with a deep interest in sustainable agriculture. Jenni’s interest in sustainable agriculture began in high school and continued through work in community gardens and developing the Heart of the Heartland program while here at Carleton. In a place like Minnesota, the “heart of the heartland”, taking these agricultural methods from theory to practice is even more imperative to creating a sustainable future.


image04Maya Margolis

Development Fellow (

Maya is a senior, American studies major at Carleton College. Maya has taken part in and helped lead social justice programs for youth in Boston with a focus on racial justice and health equity. She most recently led an action project on food justice and disparities in access to food. Through this, she has become more interested in how the food system works as a whole, and how agriculture and farming play a role in access to healthy food. Maya believes that not only should everyone be able to afford healthy food and understand where their food comes from, but farmers and those interested in agriculture should have an intersectional understanding of the influence their food has on the greater community.Caroline Carty


Development Fellow (

Caroline is a junior, sociology/anthropology major at Carleton College. During the summer of 2017, Caroline worked on the Carleton Farm and is interested in continuing to help other students find their role within the all-encompassing field of agriculture. This summer, Caroline is farming and educating students at Harlem Grown in New York City.